The content and care of the Caucasian Shepherd, video.

Maintenance and care
 Despite the ability of Caucasian sheep-dogs to take a little space and not show themselves for long, the apartment is still not the best place for keeping this breed.
Ideal option will be a separate house with a fenced site, where for the dog it is desirable to make an enclosure with a convenient booth and wooden flooring, where the dog can lie down.
Walks are very important for the dog, it should be taken out at least once a day, but not less than one and a half hours. And more motions, activity.
A significant part of the diet of the dog should be made up of products of animal origin, as well as cereals and vegetables. The menu can be supplemented with ready-made food, such as dog food for dogs.
KO eats a little, eating is unpretentious, undemanding to a variety of food.
Care of the hair is reduced mainly to combing, the dog should be washed only when absolutely necessary, this procedure is very laborious, because the wool does not get wet due to the undercoat.
It is enough to comb the dog regularly, and after a walk, wash the paws.
Caucasian sheep-dogs are distinguished by exceptional endurance, they are not very susceptible to diseases.
But all the same it is necessary to spend a full course of inoculations for puppies to protect from all infections characteristic for dogs.
Do not forget about the vaccination against rabies.
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