Siamese cats, great video

Siamese cats are generally a healthy breed of cats and with good care often live up to 20 years. However, like most breeds, some lines have genetic diseases. Such diseases are hereditary amyloidosis of the liver, which can eventually lead to liver failure in a cat.
In addition, cases of cardiomyopathy, expansion of cardiac muscle in cats are known, but this disease causes less fear than hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, heart disease in other cat breeds.
In addition, some breed lines have a high predisposition to malignant breast tumors that spread rapidly to the nearest glands and lymph nodes. Fortunately, sterilization of a cat before the age of six months reduces the risk of the disease by 91 percent, up to an annual age of 86 percent, after two years does not reduce the risk of the disease.
In addition, Siamese cats are prone to the formation of tartar, gingivitis and other dental diseases.
Occasionally in Siamese cats there is a so-called “Siamese strabismus.”
Siamese cats need minimal care for their hair. Their hair is short without visible undercoat. Their favorite hairbrush is the master’s hand. Dampen your hands with water and comb them with a cat, in the direction from head to tail, the fallen hair will remain in your hands.
Periodically bathe the Siamese cat, brush her ears and teeth, this procedure the Siamese cat must be taught as early as possible because of the pedigree predilection for the dental problem
Siamese cats are very sensitive to anesthesia
It is worth bearing in mind that each cat is individual. This description is typical for the breed as a whole and does not always fully coincide with the characteristics of a particular cat of this breed!
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