Sharpei-folded miracle, video

China is the birthplace of Sharpei. The question of when a breed has appeared causes a rather large number of disputes. There are several theories.
Some experts are inclined to the version that the ancestors of modern shar pei are ancient Chinese mastiffs.
Millennia ago, the first individuals appeared. The evidence is found in the excavations of the statuettes of dogs resembling shar pei.
However, there are people who are inclined to see only the distant resemblance of the breed in these finds, and argue that shar pei descended from chow-chow. The external similarity of these two breeds is undeniable, therefore the theory has the right to exist.
One thing remains the fact – sharpei – an ancient dog, serving a man for centuries.
According to the theory of descent from the Chow Chow, shar pei were withdrawn in the 1750s in China. Why they made the crossing of chow chow and what they wanted to get – remains unknown. Perhaps the selection was aimed at improving the fighting qualities, because at the end of the 18th century, dog fights were widespread in China.
Despite the extermination of shar pei in the 40s of the last century, during the Chinese Cultural Revolution, the breed was once again spread.
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