Sharpei, a universal breed for the whole family, video.

Appearance and character
 Sharpei have several types:
• English;
• American;
• Canadian.
Types are similar to each other, only the Canadian standard differs slightly more. This difference lies in the large size of the dog.
Distinctive features of shar pei:
• Wide chest;
Muscular shoulders;
• medium-sized body;
• Strong physique, with some square;
• The ears are adjacent to the head and have the appearance of a triangle;
• Eyes are deep, severe;
• a thick tail, narrow at the tip, curled upward;
• The skin is loose, free, which forms a large number of folds on the animal’s body.
Growth at the withers does not exceed half a meter. Weight up to 25 kg. Color solid, without foreign spots.
Sharpei is considered a fighting breed. First of all it is connected with a massive jaw. Free-hanging skin helps to stand in battles without heavy damage from the bites of a dog-rival.
Do not be afraid of the fighting past sharieya. Since then, a lot of time has passed, the breed was practically destroyed and almost completely rebuilt.
Modern dogs differ from their ancestors. Having lost the past aggression, shar pei became tender and patient. Sharpei’s strength and courage perfectly complement the mind, patience, loyalty and love for people.
A truly universal breed, which is suitable for families with children.
An important advantage of the breed is its flexibility. It consists in the fact that shar pei easily adapt to their owners and adopt their rules.
If the dog lives in an active family, then he will be happy to take and exercise physical exercises, and in the case of home-grown people and shar pei, he will lie faithfully in the place assigned to him, or at the feet of his beloved hosts.
In addition, the dog and with the role of a guard dog will cope perfectly! The voice of Sharpei is low, velvety, capable of easily discouraging an uninvited guest.
Despite the harsh appearance, the shar pei have a very subtle soul organization. That’s why people who are constantly away from home, start a dog of this breed is not worth it. Sharpei very seriously tolerates separation from the person to whom he is attached.

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