Scottish fold video for raising the mood.

Interesting, fun, exciting video about the cats of the breed, Scottish fold. Such an amazing, smart cat will bring joy and fun to every home.

Scottish Folds (Fold)
• Torso. Contrary to beliefs, the folds from the straights are distinguished not only by the shape of the ears. The body of the lop of the cat is medium or large, muscular, with a powerful neck. Paws are short and thick. The tail is often not long, thick, with a round tip.
• Head. The fold profile is impressive – a wide nose, large mustache pads, full cheeks, a short muzzle, a strong chin and a wide round head.
• Ears. Very small, bent forward ears give the breed a special charm. They favorably emphasize the roundness of the head, snuggling up against the skull.
• Eyes. The look of the lop-eared kitten is touching. Large eyes are widely spaced, very often – slanting, which, however, touches even more.
• The nose. This part of the muzzle of the fold is similar to the data of the straite, but often the spout is slightly wider and shorter.
• Wool. The lop-eared breed has a thick, short, non-covering hair, the spectrum of colors, like that of the prick-eared, is very wide.
• Deviations. The most frequent shortcomings in the appearance of folds are any deviation of the spine and tail, the wrong shape of the ears and the number of fingers.

• Character
• Despite the upbringing, the cat of each breed has characteristics of character. Scottish cats are not in vain recognized as one of the best domestic breeds – they will become a real family member, adopting human qualities and habits.
• Scottish Fold
• Lop-eared cats are similar in nature to the direct-faced cousins, but within the breed there are very different characters. Some of them are affectionate, others are inclined to aggression, some are mobile and playful, others are sluggish and unperturbed.
• Scottish folds have a special feature – they remember only what is useful to them. To teach such a cat necessary skills, you need to demonstrate in this its benefits.
• Meanwhile, folds are committed, not intrusive, and have a strong sense of self-worth.
• The lop-eared lump is very used to home and favorite toys. Like the straights, it does not tolerate loneliness. And still – can eat, it seems, a whole ton of favorite food.

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