Ridiculous photo impudent escape of a hamster

Why the hamster ran away?

Some hamsters differ in very restless temper. They are restless, vigorous and try to run away from the owner at the first convenient opportunity. If the hamster ran away, it is necessary to begin his search urgently. Outside a cage invisible dangers can trap a small animal. Therefore each owner has to know where the pet can hide and how to catch a hamster.

Leaders in a part of an evasion are Asian hamsters, they bright, brisk and inquisitive. Owners of the Syrian hamsters are not insured from escapes too, though there are they much more rare. First of all, it is necessary to understand why the pet got away and was lost. This information will help to prevent escapes in the future.

The reasons of flight of a fluffy entity can be the following:

Unreliable cage. The hamster from a cage cannot run away if all rods are whole, and the locking mechanism is serviceable. But sometimes little sly fellows manage to gnaw through a tear in the apartment and get away outside.
Self-preservation instinct. Having scented a cat or other dangerous animal, a hom instinctively to seek to clean up far away.
Fear. Small creation can be frightened of a sharp sound (cotton, the vacuum cleaner, shout, bark, etc.).
Curiosity. There are such pussies who like to learn the world. Having appeared in the new place, they want to learn about it more.
Fatigue. If a homa did not get enough sleep, it has the poor mood, and you violently pulled out it from a cage with the purpose to play, then be sure: he will slip away at the first opportunity and will hide where he will be left alone.
Carelessness of owners. The most common cause of hamster escapes. Especially it concerns the children who are often forgetting that rodents unguarded cannot be left!

Try not to allow carelessness, to watch a condition of a cage.

When the tiny being runs, reaction of owners happens often inadequate. One begin to run and shout, loudly to abuse children. Others, on the contrary, neglect a situation in hope that the pet will be acquired and will return. Such relation is fraught with death of a small animal: it can get to a cat, jump at the closed door or under legs, eventually, to get stuck somewhere and to be parched with thirst and hunger.

How it is necessary to behave correctly and what to do if the hamster ran away? First of all it is necessary to remember Carlson’s council and to keep tranquility. But it is necessary to start search immediately. How to find the run-away hamster in the small apartment if he lives with you already long?

Priruchyonny hamsters know the nickname and sometimes respond to it. Call the kid by name and promise something tasty. It is possible легонечко to shake by a jar with its dry feed: this sound is familiar to an animal and attracts it. There is a small chance that the homa will respond on a nickname and will return to warm master’s hands.

Where to look for the escaped hamster?

The run-away hamster in the apartment can be looked for anywhere. Tiny animals can hide in the most hard-to-reach spots. If he ran away on your eyes, it is worth surveying at once the place where it disappeared. Without having found a pussy, close an entrance door to the room.

But if in the house there are a lot of rooms, the search task becomes complicated many times. It is necessary to watch each room separately now. Most often fugitives do not leave borders of the room where there is their cage, but there are also exceptions. So to do if the hamster ran away where to look for the favourite?

First of all examine the following places:

Cases and other furniture. The hamster can hide behind a back wall of dressers and cases or under them. If he ran away in the bedroom, first of all glance under a bed.
Carpets, polovichka. The scared animal can quite climb under a doormat, especially if that badly adjoins to a floor. Not to crush a crumb, it is better to remove doormats.
System of heat and water supply. Rodents love warm places therefore they are capable to hide under a sink or near the battery.
Storeroom. If at your place there is a storeroom, then it is paradise for a rodent. There always quietly also is what to eat. If the shaggy friend sat down exactly there, search will drag on for weeks.

Generally, if the hamster escaped, he can be anywhere. But one can be told definitely: shallow rodents jump not really high therefore it is necessary to look for an animal in the bottom of rooms.

See ridiculous video impudent escape of a hamster

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