Miniature dog breed, 5th place in the world, Japanese hin video.

A wonderful, fascinating video about a small, cute dog breed, this is the Japanese hin. This breed takes the 5th place in the world by rating the smallest breeds of dogs.

The surprising nature of “not quite dogs” is the chinas owed to the rich history of becoming. The first mention of similar dogs, living in Japan, refers to the III century. Although the pug, chin and Pekingese are definitely a common ancestor, which means that the roots of the breed are much older. Already in the XIV century breeders led tribal books, purposefully fixing a certain type of appearance and disposition.
They were always kept exclusively as decorative companions, and their distant ancestors lived only in imperial families. Raised to the rank of sacred animals could not be exported from the country, so in Europe they came only in 1853.
The wool of the Japanese quince is straight and silky, with a light puffy undercoat. On the ears, neck, tail and paws is a luxurious long coat; on the muzzle, head and body “fur coat” is shorter. Color white-black or white-red (any shade), color spots occupy a smaller area and are symmetrical. On the forehead protochina in the form of V, the muzzle too often white – it turns out “mask”, the presence of which is extremely desirable for the exhibition dog.

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