Merry video. One day in the life of a cat

Funny videos about cats

Are you ready to laugh heartily from the most cute and funny animals of the planet – cats? Then welcome to us! We have a selection of the newest funny videos about cats and cats. Surely there is no such person who would not even admire at least how the frolicking of seals with each other or playing with their cat toys.

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  1. British cats have recently become exotic. They are called cats for business (more on this later). And really, after the usual stray dogs that kept our grandparents want something new. And my task is to describe this species and give some advice that will help you make the right choice in this matter.

  2. During the absence of the owner is business or pleasure your pet is not bored. He eats, sleeps or plays in General finds something to do. But would never walk around the house and meow, looking for the owner. That’s why this breed is specially for businessmen. They can defame for long periods of time alone and they are not wild, either to take with you to travel.

  3. This breed is very harmful. Cat likes to be touched only when he wants to. Or five in the morning, when he will sleep and will require a light morning massage or when he wants to eat and he needs to kiss up. By the way the second hunger occurs quite often, but despite it not in any case do not overfeed the animal. This may lead to unwanted organ diseases of the liver and gastrointestinal tract, obesity and just laziness.

  4. Why would you need to feed the cat correctly and balanced. Well, first it would depend on the quality of life of cat. They quietly in England can live up to 20 years (in human terms, a cat of 20 years = 100 human years). But in Russia, due to environmental and poor eating habits, their life is reduced by 2-3 times. Persistent disease, frequent visits to vet. the clinic, etc.

  5. I just recommend to get home pet, no matter what, does it matter how much, only he and you would be happy. Of course I will recommend these Brits with their friends, because in modern society want to go up with time. And these animals are fortunately exotic and future. Do not be surprised if their participation there will be TV programs, shows, or other transfer. By the way the exhibition of these furry cats once a year pass already

  6. A year and a half ago, my family got a British Shorthair kitten. From the earliest days of it we all loved it. Jumping, running, was full of energy and loved to play. Now our British cat has grown from a kitten, but nevertheless continues to chase around the apartment, play with different pieces of paper, scratching claws from harm on the chair, grab the legs. My cat is very picky with food, he’s not eating anything. Sometimes I think he eats better than me. :)When you see him, he looks so plush and beautiful that just want to hold him in my arms. BUT there is one huge drawback of this breed – cats do not like to sit on your hands, they can not tolerate, can not even try. So if you need a sweet cat on the handles, never the British. Our cat loves to talk to people, also he is very curious and friendly. If you want to have a proud and beautiful animal home, make British cat 🙂

  7. These animals will never tear your notebook or documents. But a piece of crumpled paper they can’t pass and can arrange a real show. To sleep, these animals love on soft chairs, chairs, boxes, heated floors. My sleep is usually in the tub or toilet, it’s dark, warm and calm. Therefore, the house he don’t have to buy, after a week of using it actively to it lost interest. My cat’s interest in the house not even arise. He does not mean that British crap where nothing. on the contrary, they will endure to the last, but never makes a mess where I like to sit and spend time. To teach to the toilet easily, once found and all. If a cat with mental disorders, does not understand that from it want, you need to buy any special spray, or display paw on the tray, go to the toilet you need here.

  8. The nature of their very peculiar. They don’t like strangers, stay away from them in 1-2 meter. Do not allow them to stroke himself, constantly bite or hiss. But if you need for example to go on vacation and ask friends or relatives to look after the cat, then 4-5 days already begin to show a friendly relationship. But the return of the master, all relationships are the same.

  9. These cats are very nimble and agile. They can and like to walk on tables and other surfaces with trained subjects. The British deftly knows how to work around the real virtuosos. Due to their agility they are very good Mouser (with the correct feeding).

  10. These seals are sold in the markets, in pet stores. Beware of scams and fakes. Scammers love to sell hybrids, defective animals, very similar to the Britons or Scots other breeds. And the price of these animals if the documents can reach up to 20,000 rubles. Surprising if he enters the club uses the services of binding and continues to race purebred Pets – it can turn into good business.

  11. My cat food I feed ProPlan. Buy both wet canned and dry with different flavors. Water he has nanny or a mixture, because the tap can also have a negative impact on his health

  12. I live at home, the British Arseny. Cat is a very clear and distinctive. I never noticed that it hung on the curtains or tearing the furniture. British manners are passed to them through inheritance, so a little twist of wildness and culture bordering them on the same level.

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