Merry video of the best moments of the British kitty Boni

In front of you a cheerful, kind, sweet video opens where a beautiful British cat is shown. This breed is very friendly, intelligent and clever. Basically it has a light gray to dark gray color with bright orange eyes. British shorthair – shorthair cats. As a rule, they are strong and strong cats. There are medium to large sizes. According to legend, they are the descendants of the Cheshire Cat. This breed of “teddy bears”, as they are called among cat lovers, has become world famous since the XIX century. It was at this time that the first exhibition with their participation took place. Now, the short-haired British have firmly taken their place in the world market. Looking at the life and behavior of such a sweet animal is a great joy and an incredible positive mood every day. Watch this video and let each of you get a lot of compliments and a sea of smiles. Write your stories about your animals. Leave your feedback and comments after watching this video.

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