Magnificent Sharpei, video

A nickname for shar pei
 The name for the shar pei should be chosen in view of its character. The boy can be called strict, but at the same time a beautiful name, for example, Grant or Darius.
Zeus, Titan, Pharaoh and other mythological and historical characters will perfectly suit the name of a brave dog.
Sharpeya, with the undisguised habits of the leader and the rudiments of arrogance can be called speaking names: Tsar, Boss, General.
If you recall the origin of the breed, you can find several more variants of nicknames – Chinese, Fighter, Asian.
The nickname for the shar pei girl must be subtle, the same as the good and brave heart of a dog of this breed. Suitable names such as Jersey, Bridget, Riviera, Suzanne.
Do not be afraid to call sharpey affectionate and soft names – Ellie, Emily, Ivia – for the home dog are very suitable options.
If the girl is designed to perform a watchdog function, you can think of the names of Alba, Oddi, Amanda, Bora.
Pleasant viewing of this wonderful, kind and interesting video. Write your stories, comments and feedback.

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