Funny videos hamsters a delicious lunch

Fun and interesting facts about feeding hamsters

What does the hamster eat? It is impossible to concretize this moment somehow. Everything directly depends on the place where he lives. If its area of dwelling is focused on places near grain fields, then it mostly will eat grain crops. At the same time its harm to agriculture will be minimum. Moreover, quite often during the campaigns behind supplies hamsters eat shallow insects and animals, than facilitate a task of the person of disposal of them. If the animal lodged near the village, then the basis of his diet will be made by vegetables and those cultures which are most popular in the area. But they cannot be collected as supplies for the winter therefore hamsters should ruin warehouses and sheds of people to find grains. Cases when hungry small animals attack chickens, especially are frequent if there is no chicken capable to protect them nearby or at least to make noise.

See Funny videos hamsters a delicious lunch

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