FunThis is a fun, positive video, where a cute cat plays with balls. It is very pleasant and cheerful to watch the behavior of a cat that plays and has fun. This video will be able to give for everyone a lot of smiles and good mood.  The inquisitive cat "Curiosity ruined the cat" - this is about them. Curious cats are tireless researchers who sniff everything and everything. Their curiosity is the result of both heredity and habits from early childhood. The Subliminal Cat is recognized by the desire to explore and study all that is around it in the most comprehensive way. It will be very interesting for her to live in a hospitable house, where all the time someone comes, and even in the office. But keep in mind: An inquisitive cat will not miss any "item" that has fallen into the zone of her attention, whether it is a bag, a box, a shoe, a person or an interesting detail of his clothes without "checking". And now tell me which "type of person" your cat belongs to! to interact with new objects, smells and sounds. Enjoy your viewing. Write your suggestions, comments and comments.ny video of cats playing in balls

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