Funny tricks from the life of smart monkeys video

This video will give everyone a positive and good mood. Forget about the everyday routine, relax and plunge into the fabulous world of positive and joy with us. Here, funny funny monkeys, with their playful mood and behavior, also give us smiles, joy and fun.
Interesting facts about monkeys:
 Intellect of monkeys is no longer questioned. In the experiment conducted by one of the American universities, the female gorilla managed to teach a certain number of words from the language of the deaf and dumb, after which the animal became quite adequate to communicate with people.
Some species of monkeys are very clean and a fifth of the day is devoted to caring for their appearance.
32 monkeys flew into space during the space time.
Night monkeys are the only family of primates that lead a nocturnal life. In the afternoon they rest in the hollows of trees, and 15 minutes after sunset they are actively engaged in their own affairs until midnight. Then they rest again for about 2 hours and again go in search of food before dawn.
Capuchins are rightly considered the most intelligent monkeys in America. Before eating a nut, they split the shell with stones or sharp knots of trees. And before you eat a frog, wipe off the mucus on the bark of trees.
Arachnid monkeys can hang on a branch only with the help of a tail, without using limbs.
Watch this video and enjoy it. Write your feedback, your stories about your pets.

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