Funny sports life hamster photos

Hamsters the very relative frame animals. In the wild nature they should overcome considerable distances (to 8 miles) in search of food. Therefore the careful owner by all means has to equip a cell of the favourite with a running wheel. The word “hamster” occurred from Old Russian homka and old Slavic хомѣсторъ. Slavs, in turn, borrowed it from drevneiransky language – the avestiysky word hamazstar in translation is meant by “the enemy plunging on the earth” (possibly, means that the hamster bends stalks of cereals to the earth to get seeds). Despite the small sizes, hamsters are quite clever and in many cases show sharpness. In bondage they are perfectly tamed and quickly enough begin to respond on the nickname. And here the hamsters living in the wild nature, on the contrary, are quite aggressive.

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