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Funny monkey in christmas costumes 1

Funny monkey in christmas costumes 2

Funny monkey in christmas costumes 3

Funny monkey in christmas costumes 4

Funny monkey in christmas costumes.
Let New 2016 will be flawless.

On that on lianas the monkey also jumps.
And let there does not come crisis on pockets.
The hostess of year will feed with sweet banana us.

Small consolatory introduction. It is not necessary to be afraid of New year though it is always connected with rise in prices, with a breakdown and increase in a stomach after a rough feast. While people are capable to think about volume “How to Grow Thin after the New Year’s Feast”, there is a hope on “Everything it will be good”. Time a table nourishing so that it is necessary to go on diets, means not absolutely badly yet and not absolutely expensively is to us.

I wish in New year,
Not to be as a sleepy hippopotamus.
And it is dexterous and is bright, but is not strongly drunk,
It is successful to meet a monkey.

The nanny-goat was tired to jump, to celebrate the year leaving.
Let’s release, we will tell it thanks with all the heart.
You, the monkey, hurry to please us.
I wish in a year 20. these numbers are not important.
Let year will be filled with good, kind sense.
And even, if we spend a holiday too violently again.
We will look all new year glamourous

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