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Funny face of monkey

Funny face of monkey.
On trees and lianas
The monkey likes to jump.
Tail to it the best friend
Together with it, at it five hands

Oranges and bananas,
Very much monkeys love.
Children love, mothers love,
Can eat their kilograms.
Fathers – monkeys love
Oranges and bananas.

* * *

Monkey, monkey,
Where your bananas grow?
Where palm trees, there where sea,
Where you lived on a scope.
In the jungle to jump on lianas
As you are able zealously!
Here a lattice the successful fellow, for a branch
You make laugh with a grimace of children!

* * *

Monkeys, daughter and mother,
Like to sing songs.
And after arias
To collect a herbarium.

* * *

To cheerful monkeys
In place it is not sat.
To cheerful monkeys
So there is a wish to frolic.
They all pull faces,
There are enough everyone.
They, quite perhaps,
Follow an example of children!

Martyshkin swing.
The best swing –
Flexible lianas!
It from a cradle
Monkeys know.
Who shakes all century, –
(Yes-yes!) –
That is not upset

* * *

Monkeys hang on branches
Having caught them a tail,
They do not like to sit in cages
Bananas are chewed under a bush.
And that on trees all jump,
That pull faces, shout,
And that will fight and cry,
All the time, somewhere hurry.
That will be linked strong by tails,
Also hang on them as if the bridge,
That will be replaced quickly in places,
Very much they have a tenacious tail

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