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Funny costumes for piglets 1

Funny costumes for piglets 2

Funny costumes for piglets 3

Funny costumes for piglets.
Verses about a pig
cheerful. Always walks in a pink dress and grunts from pleasure. Dirt to it is not terrible, mother will not swear. To take mud baths – hobby at pigs.
Who with the cheerful patch,
Tail – such hook
Runs on the yard,
Dispersing children?
Well, of course, pig.
What she is familiar to you, friends?
There was in the spring on ice a pig.
The ice-hole got to it.
Plyukh!. Sticks out of an ice-hole
Only a tail from a pig.
We is rather to an ice-hole,
We want to help a pig.
– nearly in an ice-hole,
But rescued a pig!.
We are dissatisfied with a pig:
Unless joke with an ice-hole?
Remember a pig,
Not to float in an ice-hole!
Pigs inclined to excess,
On the earth, of course, is.
But I am sure that to beastliness
Not to eat mankind

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