Downy, dwarfish breeds of cute rabbits, video.

We offer you an interesting video where you can see different kinds and breeds of down, dwarf rabbits. This video will lift everyone a good mood and a lot of smiles.

As in humans, in rabbits the character is strictly individual.
From very calm and passive individuals to aggressive ones.
Among thoroughbred rabbits, of course, there are no “wild beasts” – it is an excellent incentive to buy properly grown Angora dwarfs in nurseries and recognized breeders.
Also, rabbits like to play friendly fights. And as with animals, and with people.
You have a chance to involuntarily participate in sparring with a rabbit, if you turned sharply or brightly dressed.
Rabbits are sociable animals and over time, when you make friends with the pet, you will not be bored anymore.
Angora dwarf can be trained, bathed, play with the ball and fool around.
 As a rule, it is better to buy a spacious metal cage where the rabbit will feel free.
But over time, subdued by beauty and pity, they release a woolen lump to “live” outside the cage, or even leave the rabbit free at will “for permanent residence.” It is not right.
Your miracle is naughty and curious.
Love gnawing wooden and small items can ruin a rabbit.
For example, damaging the wires, he runs the risk of dying. And the spoiled furniture will not please the owner.
Let the animal walk, but under close supervision.
Well, if the cage has a house where you can hide. And also a drinking bowl, a feeding bowl and a hanging sennik. In the role of litter – small straw, hay, sawdust.
Often remove from the pet. From the slightest dirt, first of all, wool suffers, and the diseases will not keep you waiting.
• greens (dandelion, mother-and-stepmother);
• vegetables only in winter and small quantities (apples, cabbage leaves, beets, carrots);
• cereals, meat and bone meal, white crackers;
• hay, aspen and willow twigs;
• boiled cold potatoes.
And if you have a very young baby in the house, he will be grateful for milk and ice flakes.
Granulated mixes from specialized stores are welcome.
The presence of fresh and clean water in a drinking bowl is a must.
Read more on how to properly feed ornamental rabbits.
Rabbits are not only valuable fur …
 … but also careful care for him.
Arrange a rabbit hairdresser at home a couple of times a week: scrunch thoroughly the entire woolen covering of the comb for dogs. Do not let loose lumps.
If you do not want to mess with the luxurious fur coat of the angora, get a short-haired dwarf rabbit.
In the zoo-veterinary shop, purchase a device for cutting your claws.
Carry a haircut as it grows. After all, pets are kept in different conditions: someone runs around the fence and claws, and someone knocks them only on the laminate floor.
Live dwarfish Angora rabbits for about 5-7 years. Everything depends on the quality of life – care and nutrition.

Enjoy this video. Write your stories, suggestions, comments and feedback after viewing.

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