Decency, devotion to the Caucasian Shepherd, video.

 Caucasians are balanced dogs with a stable psyche and a strong character.
It should be noted that KO belong to a group of dogs with high intelligence, second only to the Central Asian Shepherd.
The nature of the sheep-dogs was formed over centuries of hard work: often the animal had to make decisions independently, without waiting for the order of the owner, and sometimes even replacing it.
Determination and independence, sincere devotion to man, hatred and aggression towards the enemy are the main qualities inherent in the Caucasian sheepdog.
For many months, while the herds were feeding on mountain pastures, there was one shepherd’s companion, a shepherd, with whom she shared food and shelter.
Often a man and a dog, having become related, no longer thought of life without each other.
Thus, the Caucasian Shepherd dog was formed as a “dog of one owner”. From the early nails and until death, the dog recognizes the person she has chosen and inconsolably experiences even a brief separation.
Caucasian Shepherd is characterized by slowness. This is again due to the genetic memory that embodied the way of life that the dog has been leading for centuries.
Accompanying the herds on difficult roads, the animal used every opportunity to rest, saved energy, did not spend it on unnecessary movements.
Dogs of this breed are distinguished by their ability to assess the situation, orders and commands of a man in their own way.
It is difficult to force the KO to perform an action, if it does not consider it necessary to do this.
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