Colorful, self-respecting British cat, video.

The most colorful, with dignity, is the British cat.

Pros and cons of the breed
 Well, and finally about the advantages and disadvantages of our British wards.
Let’s be honest: there are no downsides to the breed!
British cats, regardless of the length of their wool, are excellent companions of life:
• They are affectionate, not rancorous, most are well brought up or easily succumbed to your upbringing.
• They have strong health and a cheerful disposition, possessing a developed mind and self-respect.
• If it can be attributed to the minuses – the sense of dignity of the British is really expressed and comparable, perhaps only with the pride of the cats of the orientals.
• Some owners complain that the British breed is not sociable, but this again, not an indicator of a bad character.
• Against this background, many feline “parents” note the uncontrollability of Britons, a penchant for dirty tricks and aggression.
The nature of this breed may be the catalyst for such problems, but not the cause. Therefore, all you need to do to get a calm, friendly kitty is to choose the right British kitten, and then properly bring it up.
And if you are not lucky with the choice, any kitten can be weaned from bad habits, the main thing is to start as soon as possible and with love.
Like humans, “bad” cats are not born. Therefore, the care and upbringing of a British kitten are two pillars on which the character and most of the habits of the baby are based.
The character is also influenced by the nickname of the kitten →
They say that cats perceive people as very large congeners. But remember, if you took a small kitten, feed it and take care of it – you are also a cat-cat for him, and this will always be so.
Even when the kitten grows up and gets along well with all members of your family, it’s you he will call to play – jogging – to jump, it will come to you to complain when he is ill. So, when deciding to take the baby to the house, remember – we are responsible for those who have tamed!

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