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Collection of funny photos monkeys 1

Collection of funny photos monkeys 2

Collection of funny photos monkeys 3

Collection of funny photos monkeys.
Monkey, monkey,
Where your bananas grow?
Where palm trees, there where sea,
Where you lived on a scope.
In the jungle to jump on lianas
As you are able zealously!
Here a lattice the successful fellow, for a branch
You make laugh with a grimace of children!
Monkeys in all beauty
In zoos all see.
Their grimaces and grimace,
Mugs are comical
Amuse us in the old manner
Even to impropriety.
Fighters and little rascals,
Yellow, brown
Our lovely monkeys
Very nice.


Monkey two bananas
Ate on a branch –
I am not a greedy person, one
I will present to the neigbour!

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