Video of the Caucasian Shepherd puppies.

 Before you take a Caucasian sheepdog in a family, you need to objectively weigh your opportunities.
The dog lives according to the laws of the pack, taking people for its fellow tribesmen, and if the family does not have a strong “leader”, the dog will willingly take on this role.
Then instead of a true friend the dog will turn into a family terrorist.
The training of a dog should be dealt with all his life by one person. Most often, this is a man, the head of the family, but a woman who is strong in spirit and body will do well too.
As already mentioned above, the Caucasian sheep-dogs are slow-moving creatures. When training such a dog, one must take into account all the characteristics of the breed.
It is unacceptable to beat a dog and shout at it, it can cause bitterness.
To hurry the Caucasian with the fulfillment of this or that team is also not necessary: ​​with repeated repetition of the order, the dog refuses to understand it.
Ideal – when the course of general training and guard duty conducts with a dog specialist.
About Caucasian sheep-dogs you can hear completely different opinions. Someone sings the fidelity and loyalty inherent in the breed, and someone with foam at the mouth proves that the Caucasian is dumb, stubborn, angry and aggressive, does not recognize the master and rushes at everyone and everyone for no reason. Well, everything happens.
But it all depends on the owner – how he will put and bring up the dog, so it will be.
When a person respects his dog, educates her competently, feels responsible for her, and simply loves, the dog will give him all the soul, reveal all his abilities and remain a faithful and devoted friend until the end of a not very long dog life.
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