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Beautiful white tiger 1

Beautiful white tiger 2

Beautiful white tiger 3

Beautiful white tiger.
The biggest and the most terrible of large cats is a tiger. Adult Amur tigers reach in length of three and a half meters. And the tiger more than three hundred kilograms weighs. But it is the largest animals. Youzhny, Bengalese tigers much more small. They weigh no more than 225 kilograms. It is considered to be that the homeland of tigers – Southeast Asia from where they were settled to the North more than 10 thousand years ago, having reached Ussuri Krai and Priamurye.
Except the Far East tigers lived across all India, on islands of the Malay Archipelago and on the islands of Sumatra, Java and Bali. But now tigers became very rare animals. In their India there were only 2 thousand. And still quite recently there were more than 20 thousand. On Sumatra, Java and Bali the dark island tiger disappeared absolutely. Injurious hunting put this magnificent animal on an extinction side.
The hungry tiger is ready to gobble up literally everything that meets on the way. The menu of a tiger is very different, there are deer, wild bulls, domestic cows, crabs, fish, a locust, termites, snakes, frogs, a grass and even the earth and wood bark. Byvalislucha when tigers attacked crocodiles, pythons and the Tiger if completely is starving, can have breakfast also the relative. Also man-eating tigers meet. It happens very seldom, but if such villain appears, then the whole areas lose rest until he is killed.
In a zoo or in circus the tiger seems very bright animal. But at liberty the skin, orange with black strips, very well masks it. A tiger – the loner hunter. Even together with a female he hunts no more than a week then they disperse. A tiger – the eternal tramp. He, of course, marks the territory and warns a loud roar that it is his house, but not for a long time. In several weeks it will go to wander again. Tigers live about twenty years.
The majority of cats not really love water. But it does not concern to tigers. They just adore swimming for a while. Especially Bengalese tigers who live in tropics.
The tiger likes to attack from a dense bush. It almost merges with it, thanks to coloring. Having crept almost closely, he rushes on the victim prompt breakthrough and kills it: bites into a throat or breaks a neck in blow of a paw. Attacking, he never growls. The blow of a tigerish paw is terrible and killing. With one blow it kills a horse. Tigers come for hunting in the evening, but, having sometimes been starving, hunt also in the afternoon.
Tiger cubs are born blind and absolutely helpless. But by 11 months they already independently hunt. With mother they remain till two years. Therefore sometimes it is possible to see three-four tigers at production at once.
About a tiger there is a set of legends. One such legend of “the ghost of the jungle” – a white tiger. And in 1951 in India caught such tiger. It was white with blue strips.
Now tigers are taken under protection around the world. But whether it will be possible to rescue them from extinction, for the present it is not known

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