Awesome cat cats Australian metist video

Australian smoky cat from that breed of cats, which can be called uniquely. Born in the birthplace of a kangaroo, in Australia, the Australian mister took the best from his closest relatives – the Abyssinian cat, the Burmese cat and from simple non-generic cats. The best, in the first place, is expressed in color. It is either spotted fur or marble-spotted with a common ticked background. Outside Australia, this breed is almost never found.
American Shorthair Cat
Cats dressed in “wire coats” differ from American short-haired cats (about them – below), not even the quality of the coat, but its appearance.
Being soft by touch, it seems outwardly prickly and creates an illusion of wire. Often the “wire effect” is not expressed across the entire skin, but is concentrated along the ridge and xv American Shorthair cat
There are breeds of cats that can be called long-livers and the American shorthair cat is just one of them. The average life expectancy of an American woman is 15-20 years! The popular breed was recognized by the Americans back in the 17th century, but officially received recognition only in 1904 thanks to the cat

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