Appearance and standards of the Caucasian Shepherd Dog, video

Appearance and standards
 The Caucasian Shepherd is a large muscular animal with a strong, heavy bone.
The head is massive, with small hanging ears. According to the breed standards and working requirements, the ears are short-cropped.
Teeth in the amount of 42 pieces are large, white, with a scissor bite.
Powerful short neck, wide back, ending with a sickle-like fluffy tail, short convex loin, horizontal groove.
Well-developed, broad chest, tucked up abdomen, front legs parallel and straight with elbows pointing back, paws large, rounded, collected in a lump.
The optimum growth for the male dogs of the Caucasian Shepherd is 72-75 cm at the withers, for the bitches – 66-69 cm. The animal weighs 50-60 kg.
The skin is thick, elastic, resistant to injury.
The entire body of the dog is covered with a thick fluffy coat with a powerful undercoat that allows it to withstand all unfavorable weather conditions.
It is thanks to this “coat” that the dog is able to perform its duties in the rain and snow, sleep on the snow, without going into hiding. On the neck and hind legs of hair is longer and significantly forms “pants” and “mane.”
Males are much larger than bitches.
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