Amstaff Education and training  Amstaff is a dog that does not recognize drill. He is unselfishly devoted to the owner, but at the same time he is extremely self-sufficient, and also has a sharp sense of justice. This means the inadmissibility of gross mistakes in education: an undeserved offense amstaff will remember for life. If a dog refuses to do anything, one should not insist. It is better to take her by training other actions or commands, and after a while back to mastering the previous one. It is very important not to surrender your positions and certainly to achieve the desired, although sometimes it takes months. Self-confidence and firmness of character are the necessary qualities of the owner of amstaff. The owner should become a leader for the pet and an unquestioned authority. The dog should clearly be aware of his place in the family hierarchy, only then you can avoid many behavioral surprises. When a dog tries to take the place of a leader, it should be rigidly put in place. Usually enough once or twice. The upbringing and socialization of amstaff should begin from the first days of his stay in the house. When he realizes that this is his family, one can be sure of his obedience and loyalty to all household members. But despite the fact that Amstaff excellently gets along with the children, do not leave them alone without supervision. The child can accidentally provoke the aggression of the dog, so it's better not to take chances. Amstaff is not prone to causeless barking and vagrancy. With early socialization, he responds quite adequately to all kinds of external stimuli, without forcing the owner to blush. Enjoy this interesting, educational video. Leave your feedback and comments.- a dog that does not recognize drill, video

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