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That hamsters like to eat: review of delicacies and vkusnyashka

Daily delivery of little rodents is designed to maintain physical health of an organism, to give it force. And here what hamsters like to eat “as a hobby”? On shelves of pet-shops many beautiful packings always lie, and sellers persuade to buy this or that delicacy for hamsters. However what finished stocks will suit your pet that he will eat with pleasure and what will refuse, depends only on it. The owner can choose delicacies for a hamster proceeding from his addictions and also considering contraindications for a concrete individual, breed or a look. It is the best of all to choose yum-yum for a hamster which part sunflower sunflower seeds, nutlets, banana chips, dried vegetables and fruit are. It is the most favourite food of hamsters. Various mixes of berries, fruit, grain which can be follow-up enriched with vitamins and various useful additives. If it was not succeeded to find a worthy product in shop to please a small animal, it is necessary to understand how to make yum-yum and delicacy for a hamster the hands. Options of tasty and useful dishes for little friends there is great variety. It is very easy to prepare them. To mix a pulp of banana and oat flakes. To roll balls. It is possible to add a little raisin. To cut well washed out and dried up lettuce leaves and clovers, to mix, add a walnut core. To grain mix which is usually used by a rodent to add egg white (beforehand it is necessary to shake up a little it). To create from this “test” small flat cakes, to bake before hardening in an oven at 30-60 With. Components for salads and “cookies” can be varied self-contained, considering preferences of a specific animal. Except such house food the kid can offer still sprouts of wheat, oats, a millet. Fresh greens are included into the list of what is loved most of all by hamsters too. It is possible to grow up it: it is necessary to take a small pot with the earth, to pour out in it oddments unfinished a small animal of grain mix, to powder with a soil and to water. In several days the first shoots will appear.

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