A selection of videos of cute rabbits

In this fascinating and fun collection, which contains some interesting and funny videos from the life of small, beautiful rabbits. In a funny, as well as instructive video there are funny moments of their existence and the behavior of this kind, small and sweet fluffy animal. Having looked through this collection of their many moments of a rabbit’s life, each person received a positive mood. After all, watching these cute animals is always a great pleasure. This kind, sweet animal brings smiles and helps people to be kinder to each other.
Since ancient times, rabbits live near a person. Ancestor of the present rabbit is considered to be a wild rabbit, and not a hare, as mistakenly think. Even in the Stone Age, these animals were caught in order to keep at home. Soon, rabbits spread and domesticated almost on all continents of the world. There are breeds that are bred for the purpose of obtaining meat and skins. Also every day, decorative rabbits are becoming more and more popular. They are convenient to keep in the apartment conditions, as pets. Watch this fascinating, positive and fun video of their some happy moments of small, furry rabbits and get great pleasure and lots of positive emotions. Enjoy your viewing and mood. Write your stories about your animals. We are waiting for your feedback and comments, after watching the video.

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