A selection of very funny monkey videos

In this fun, fascinating video, there are not a few funny videos with monkeys. In this collection of monkeys are having fun and by their direct weighty behavior they give a positive emotions and a good mood. After watching the video, each person can not refrain from laughing. Lovely, savvy monkeys can not not like it. Monkey, this mammal, in its structure of the body is very close and resembles the structure of man.
The body length of an adult monkey can vary from 15 cm (in a dwarf hamster) to 2 meters (in a male gorilla). The weight of the monkey also depends on the species. If the body weight of a small monkey barely reaches 150 grams, then the individual gorilla weighs up to 275 kg.
Most species of monkeys that lead woody life have a long back, a short and narrow chest and thin hip bones. Gibbons and orangutans have a broad chest, as well as massive pelvic bones. Some monkeys have a long tail that exceeds the length of the body and performs the function of a balancer when moving through trees. Monkeys living on earth have a short tail, and apes have no tail at all.
Watch this video and enjoy it. These funny animals, for everyone will give a smile. Write comments and comments after viewing

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