A nice kitty will give everyone a smile.

Your attention is invited to 5 unique, instructive, exciting little videos of life and behavior, a good cat. British cats are incredibly kind, faithful and clean. In each of these young video the British cat shows real moments from his life. Very nice to watch how she washes herself. Sometimes she just rests, but you can watch it for hours with great pleasure. When she is cute and asleep she smiles, which can be nicer and nicer.
Wool of British cats stuffed with a dense undercoat. They do not require special care. They molt no more than other short-haired relatives. There are a lot of standard colors in the breed. The most popular of them are blue, striped and with white spots.
Despite their sweet appearance, such cats have a sense of self-worth and do not bother with their presence. They find their own occupation, get along without problems with other domestic pets.
In food they are not fastidious, but they have excellent appetite. There are individuals with a tendency to gain weight and allergies, especially if there is light or quite white hair.
The breed is recognized as the largest felinological organization. Their standards are similar in many respects, only nuances in the assessment and definition of colors differ. Watch this video and have great fun.

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