A fascinating video of children with dogs and cats

In this fun and instructive video you can watch and see how small children play with animals. It’s cats and dogs. The animals are very intelligent and devoted to their owner, so spend a lot of time with children with great pleasure. Play with them and consider children to be their friends. A domestic pet will never allow himself to offend a child with whom he lives in the house. Watching their joint behavior and playing is always a great pleasure. On the game and the behavior can be observed for many hours. Watch this wonderful, interesting video and get a lot of positive emotions and smiles. Good for everyone to see. Write your feedback and comments.
Dog and children: basic rules of behavior
Studies show that the contact of children with both domestic and foreign animals brings them both physical and emotional benefits. Training in caring for animals and understanding responsibility is invaluable. Children can also learn how to cope with the loss when the time comes to say goodbye to the pet. A dog as a pet has its own special virtues: communication, joint games and even therapeutic help in difficult moments or in case of illness.
Unfortunately, tragic cases occur when children are injured by a dog, of course, this happens more often due to their own fault. Some of these situations can be prevented, and for this there are certain rules and principles of behavior with dogs, to violate and go beyond which does not follow anyone, especially children

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