A fascinating video of British Scottish Straits (pryamouhie).

This is an exciting and unforgettable video about the Cute British cats. The Scottish Straight breed (pryamouhie). Such a cat will always please its owner and give him a lot of positive emotions.

Scottish Strights (pryamouhie)
• Torso. The animal is of medium size, muscular, the contours of the body are rounded. The paws are not long and strong, the fingers are well compressed. The tail is usually long or middle (up to the center of the scapula), movable. Cats are much larger than cats.
• Head. The skull of the Straight is convex, the muzzle and cheeks are round. Boys are especially full of boys. Strong, moderately protruding chin, a nose of medium length. The neck is short: in appearance the fat cheeks of the cat immediately pass into the neck.
• Ears. “Locators” Scottish pryamougoy kitten, although small, but impressive: extended at the base, set high and fairly wide, tips pointed and diluted in the sides, the outer surface of the ear is lowered almost parallel to the head.
• Eyes. Probably, we saw Straight in the animated cartoon “Shrek” – the childish expression of large round eyes conquers in an instant. The color is in harmony with the color.
• The nose. A short, smooth back of his nose, a moderate profile play into the hands of the cat’s touching mousy.
• Wool. The coat of the kitten-Straight is thin, but dense, plush. Length medium, tightly covering the body.
• Deviations. It’s no secret that if the mating or deviations in the parents’ genes are incorrect, the kitten may have shortcomings in appearance, which impede both participation in the exhibition and a normal way of life. In Scottish Straits this is often too short and a hard tail, with a hook at the end, heavy movements, bent back, unapproved ears, improperly placed limbs and creaking in the joints.
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