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Humor is an intellectual ability to notice in the phenomena their comical, ridiculous sides. The sense of humor is connected with the ability of the subject to discover contradictions in the world around him. A wedding is so special a day when it’s really important that only you and your guests work with Photographers! After all, this significant day must always be preserved in the form of rich and unique pictures, so that truly worthwhile moments and the happiest moments are fixed. Pleasant viewing of this fun, exciting video at the wedding. Write your feedback and comments after watching this fascinating video.

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  1. 8. Costumes selected, now go to the rings. Remember that ring is a symbol of your new family, your vows and they are for life. Can find what you want in jewelry stores, and you can stand out and make rings to order. Most importantly, consider the preference of both parties.

  2. Perhaps You are right about the foreclosures. When I got married, the ransom was, and it was fun. At least so it seemed then. And recently (14 years later)saw it and somehow was not myself: it is clear that there were moments of awkwardness and my bridesmaids and the groom with friends. So some traditions can be omitted.

  3. Vika, thank you very much. You have me SUPER-duper couple. Love, happiness and prosperity to your family. Vika and Alexander, another wedding day!

  4. 9. In advance select and order the Bridal bouquet and boutonniere for the groom. This is done in advance, not to run on the last day of shopping. To better define the bouquet and leave the order at a certain number. Remember that you will need to throw the bride’s bouquet, if you want to keep it in memory, be sure to order a duplicate, which is also beautiful, but it is not a pity to give!

  5. A good and competent organization will help your wedding be more perfect

  6. Planning the wedding is a long process, but the result is worth it

  7. 10. Now it came time to apply to your chosen Registrar. Please note how many you need to do before I go a few days before the wedding ceremony. Try to come to the registry office early, so there was more choice check-in time.

  8. 11. After submission you need to notify all your guests so invitation. Calculate how many guests will be families, couples or singles from this calculation, buy (or make custom) invitation. Be sure to make a few pieces in reserve. Better to invite guests, conveying the invitation in person, with the exception of those who live very remotely.

  9. After the proposal begins an important stage of preparation for one of the happiest days of your life – wedding. My head is spinning a lot of questions, I want not to forget anything and to make everything perfect. Just recently I was a witness at the wedding and we all went as we planned, now we want to share with you a small instruction on the organization of the wedding. But about all under the order.

  10. 12. Choice of photo and video operator, it is also very important, because they will leave a memory in the form of photos and videos that you can show all your friends and relatives even many years and you should not be ashamed of poor quality, overexposed photos or other small things. Choose not necessarily the most famous photographer in the city, and a talented master of his craft.

  11. 13. Now then what else do not remember, but also very important. Order the cake and if you want figures on it, don’t forget to buy tape to the witnesses, as well as a towel and loaf. Also need the glasses to the bride and groom, cups other guests and of course champagne itself. Don’t forget the rose petals, which you will sprinkle!

  12. 2. First and foremost we need to decide what kind of wedding you want. Maybe you want to invite hundreds of guests and arrange a real feast like a king? Maybe you invite 10-20 friends and relatives people, and the holiday will be only a family home, quiet and cozy. Ignore anyone’s advice, do as I imagine it’s just you. And of course, pay attention to your budget, you need to understand how much you can afford.

  13. 3. Now it is necessary to determine the time of year and with the date. If you want a wedding in winter, you need to consider more chances to avoid long stops on the street, as even in winter the girls wear a dress and shoes that will let you know of future disease. If you want a wedding outdoors, it naturally does not have to be winter. And in the summer you need to apply early, as this is a real time weddings. Once you have selected a season, determined with the date of marriage.

  14. 14. Meet with the witness and consider the bride. Ask the witness to buy all the necessary stuff. Don’t forget to buy decorations for the car, entrance and restaurant.

  15. 15. Go to the consultation, the stylists, the makeup artists and hairdressers to pick up hair, makeup, manicures. It is important that all blend together. It would be better if during the week you go to a rehearsal for hair and makeup, and see how it will look on you.

  16. 4. What is important you need to decide on a Registrar. For example, in some towns these problems will not be – because the ZAGS only one, but in large cities there is a choice. You can choose the wedding Palace, is the district Registrar, but usually turn them anymore, so it’s worth thinking about this early.

  17. 5. The choice of place of celebration – canteen, cafe, restaurant. It is not necessary to immediately choose your favorite restaurant, it can be significantly more expensive than the cozy restaurant two blocks away. Be sure to walk to restaurants and ask about the number of seats, the cost of servings for one person, be sure to find out whether you can come with your alcohol! This greatly saves your budget, because in restaurants, the alcohol is much more expensive than a regular supermarket you can get different stocks, etc. after Learning all of the above make your choice and book a restaurant and pay a Deposit.

  18. Ira! Thank you very much for your kind words. It was a pleasure to work with you, it is good that we did it and we were able to justify your trust. It is a pity that time is not enough, and that we lit….. Ira and Vitalik! I congratulate you on the birth of your family! Love, happiness and prosperity to your family.

  19. 16. A couple of days, call all the guests that were in question, as well as people who will provide you services – hairdresser, makeup artist, florist, photo and video operator, toastmaster, DJ.

  20. Immediately discuss the menu, try to choose classic dishes, but be sure to make some new. Order some macaroni salad, try to surprise guests.

  21. That’s the day of the wedding! Now the main thing do not worry, everything I could you’ve already done, everything goes on as usual. Rejoice, most blessed day of my life! Smile and be happy!

  22. Our wedding was in 2010. Holiday for us was conducted by the wonderful Nadia. I still remember with pleasure and a smile:) the guests were all different, but all had fun and everyone was in awe of Toastmasters. Thank you, Nadia, we all enjoyed it! We also had competitions and traditional ceremonies, and toasts, and songs! I recommend

  23. A useful opinion. Today’s my youngest sister made an offer. Need to tell her your advice. Thanks for the feedback.

  24. Lena, thank you very much. And the ransom which was preparing for your wedding, popular…..

  25. 6. Now the most important step for any bride – choosing the dress. Of course we all have in mind is the image of the dream dress and we’re trying to find. You should not choose crazy beauty dress, but not terribly comfortable, you do all day walking in it. Try to find a balance between beauty, usability and of course price. Try on different styles – straight, mermaid, lush, with a long train, short, in General, measure everything until you find YOUR dress. I assure you, when you wear it you will understand what it is.

  26. already married got sick, so many nuances… Although I had not been asked yet)

  27. . good evening I just want you to say a huge thank you we really enjoyed it it was fun and don’t forget thanks

  28. Also important accessories to the dress such as shoes, veil, maybe a tiara, jewelry, gloves, garter, stockings and underwear. Nothing should hamper or hinder you during the day, and the day will be intense – walking, contests, and just to stand in the shoes you should be comfortable.

  29. 7. Now no less important choice than the dress of the bride is the groom’s suit, we’re not one bride the star of the evening. It is important to consider the whole image of the groom – a suit, shirt, tie, shoes, belt and cufflinks.

  30. very helpful review, but, in my opinion, the story of a bride – stupidity. My wedding will be without it

  31. Heartily want to thank the leadership of our celebration, Hope,fun contests,very helpful and friendly)We loved it all)On our next holiday will definitely call Hope)Thank you for being able to give people happiness and smile)))))

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