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Toasts to the wedding
You have a reason for happiness,
Today you are young,
They created their own family,
I want to congratulate you!
I turn to the bride,
Learn to work with the test,
Husband pies cakes,
For friends, do not gnaw!

Well, and you, the groom, look,
You take care of your wife,
Buy coats, diamonds,
And give always gifts!
Well and if to be serious,
Happiness to you and to live without troubles,
I drink for you to the bottom today,
Long you I wish yo!
A fascinating view of this funny video and unforgettable funny moments at the wedding.

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  1. I really wanted to have a spring wedding, but there was no money, and so we decided to wait for a more opportune moment. The long wait was not necessary, as all the circumstances are in our favor. For example, I was able to purchase wedding rings on the shares for a very low price, my wedding dress was the fact that I danced at prom, and even a restaurant cost us very cheap. Of course, without the help of parents has not done for what it huge gratitude. In General, the preparations for the wedding proceeded smoothly, all the small problems were solved on a rolling with the family in a warm atmosphere.

  2. We can say that we did not standard, as the first was married and after were married in the wedding Palace. It’s a magical feeling, because for us it was important to witness your Union before God.

  3. After a few days it’s time to sign the registry office. Here, perhaps, it was even easier. We invited the same people, but everyone could come to look at our check. I wore a plain white dress that I bought before the wedding, but felt it no worse than in a wedding gown. Besides next to me was my family, closest friends and favorite people, so what value in this situation has a dress. The whole ceremony went pretty quickly. We can say that even do not have time to get nervous before we and Alex exchanged rings and officially became husband and wife. Of course, such moments are not forgotten. One adds all our life and iminosugar such moments begin to feel happy. I still remember those days with a smile on her face. They opened my

  4. As a surprise for all present was the appearance of the homeless. Imagine: the middle of the reception, everyone is dancing and have a little drink and then to the restaurant bursts with natural dirty bum with a hefty checked bag.

  5. Of course, I knew about it, but puzzled some guests need to see. I don’t know what everyone was expecting, but certainly not what happened next. The homeless man started to dance, and not just to dance, and show aerobatics. The culmination was the moment when he pulled from his bag a big bunch of balls and gave me. This caused a storm of emotions and loud cheering. Though I knew he would appear, but still it was quite unexpected and most importantly left a very positive impression on the heart.

  6. Our wedding: two days included in the history of life (+original ideas)

  7. After Church, the photographer set up a photo session. Turned out very colorful, interesting and funny. At this point, visible emotions of our guests, which, by the way, was not much, after all, we only invited the most dear to the hearts of people.

  8. I liked that at first we were divided into groups and photographed separately for boys and girls separately. In the center of events, of course we were with Alex, but still feel as one.

  9. Anya and Vanya — a wonderful couple who not long ago tied the knot, agreeing to care for one another, to be there in difficult moments and rejoice in all the successes and endeavors.

  10. We really wanted the guests had fun, and our team handled it pretty well. All the competitions were held at the highest level, all invited were able to participate. There were no platitudes, we gave up on them immediately and,of course, without the traditional elements such as the bouquet toss, stealing shoes, bride and taking off veils has not done.

  11. It was quite interesting to watch the male fotossesiya, as the boys had fun on the full, make faces and pretend to be girls. Such a parody of the reaction of the bridesmaids on a wedding ring.

  12. Happy girl with pleasure agreed to share all emotions and impressions of that momentous date.

  13. Then came our turn to Alex posing and fooling around. We wanted to make the best selection of photos, which will be interesting to watch, because the wedding is first and foremost a joyful event, where everything should feel easy and comfortable.

  14. The next day was officially called the day of the fair, and our wedding. Going to Church is a bit tired, so the guests were very happy when finally got to the restaurant. But no one found out, and I’m afraid to imagine how much work our team has done in one night: they completely changed the design of the room (there are red, sunflowers, bagels, wicker fence and many other supporting elements), they made overnight, magnets with photos from yesterday and our Vanya photos that now graced the room.

  15. Leading surrendered its role fully, and many did not know yesterday the flight attendant in the girl attire in the market.

  16. The Banquet was the day of the wedding. The photographer was not present, but managed to do a few shots with our witnesses in the lobby of the restaurant. Even those few shots that we were able to convey the festive atmosphere of this place.

  17. Our happy (and budget) wedding with the closest people

  18. At the time of the wedding we with Vanej have been known for almost four years, so marriage is the logical completion of our long relations. After we told his parents about his decision, and preparations began almost immediately. At the beginning of the specific ideas on the design we had, but I knew that the wedding to be in blue color as this is my second favorite color. The first is black, but agree that to do the most important celebration in the life in the dark shades – not the best idea.

  19. Anna and Alex are a young couple, married for two years. During this time they have a better understanding, feel each other, to show more tenderness and care. That hasn’t happened in the couple’s life they have always fondly remembered the day that forever bound them in Holy matrimony. And this is what we now tell you a happy wife. I hope that this story will be very interesting for many, especially because the wedding can be called budget – making, the organization and so took the celebrants and their relatives with their hands.

  20. We were warned invitees that in this day you will need to wear shirts and all complied with our request. On the threshold of incoming met Solokha and offered the guests a drink. Everyone can participate in fair entertainment and plenty to dance. My friends tried to sell honey and vegetables to other guests at least for a penny and many of them were very happy at this moment.

  21. Then we found a very good team, which is not the one who arranged the wedding. They had already prepared scripts, and we only had to choose a favorite, although it was all individual, and we could offer to add something different or remove something that categorically does not like.

  22. It is worth noting that the master of ceremonies, we did not think to order. Firstly expensive, and secondly it is quite difficult to find such a person. We have made all much easier: about a month before the wedding gathered around him friends and asked them to organize, to think of any contests to during the Banquet in the restaurant, no one was bored. We had no idea who he will take, so during the celebration itself was interesting to watch and participate in all events. It was also karaoke, brought from home, our first with Alex wedding dance and a joint song with a guitar.

  23. I think every story about the creation of family begins with the moment when the man decided to make his beloved offer. This is a very important day in the life of both and I will never forget. The fact that Alex invited me to the real ball and together we bought me a ball gown, she studied dance and imagined how will be this event.

  24. Despite that the day was themed, but not everything was standard. For example, we have learned that our witness is not bad at dancing tango.

  25. The feast lasted for two days. First day – the theme is””Travel””. We chose her as this theme symbolizes the beginning of our journey in family life.””

  26. But the van has served my mother so have served. I admit, not every day give her a foot massage and a notation in the new boots. I’m sure they will remember it always with great tenderness and love.

  27. When the day came, and we stepped into the hall I almost immediately started to pay a lot of attention: someone dress praise, someone’s hair, all smiling and talking about how lucky I was.

  28. Actually, all the contests memorable. They were invented so that everyone was able to participate in them. For example, was erected an improvised stage, where she performed the newly minted actors. For a few minutes before they were distributed leaflets with short remarks. They had to listen to the presenter, to show on stage everything he says and at the right time to shout his words.

  29. Actually, I want to say a lot more, but emotions overflow. Everything was done the way I wanted and therefore not a day regretted that so much time was spent on preparation and registration. I am very grateful to my parents who supported me, without them nothing this was not simple. The parents also helped, and I’m glad there were no conflicts or problems in this long period. I will never forget what they did for us. I’m sure we had the best wedding organisers, which was my best and made this day truly unforgettable. Thanks guys, you are true professionals.

  30. Was shown the girls a funny sketch about a Prince and a gate with an unexpected outcome. And another contest from witnesses was designed to ensure that unfamiliar guests to get better acquainted with each other and, of course, fun.

  31. In the end there was the most touching moment, when an unmarried girlfriend danced with me under the veil. I have the feeling that in those moments, I felt the emotions of each of them, gave a piece of his happiness and had the opportunity to thank them for what they’ve got.

  32. We had the same CandyBar. All the sweets in it were my mother and made their own. Including the cake. Although, actually, we had two cakes, but one of them, so to say, was a surprise.

  33. And, of course, I would like to thank my beloved van, which made me really happy. I admit I have never yearned to get married, but having met him and spent with him for so many years together realized that this is the man I want to be always. Perhaps that is why I waited for the moment when we will paint the whole world will say that we are now legal husband and wife.

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