Interesting video, Hawaiian chair

The Hawaiian chair looks like an office chair. In this, perhaps, the similarity with office furniture is coming to an end. In the handle of the Hawaiian chair is mounted a special panel with which you can control the seat of the massager, the latter itself is the technological element that turns an ordinary chair into a simulator. His seat vibrates and rotates, but not around its axis, but in a circle that simulates motion, as if you were spinning a hula-hoop. Movement and vibration makes you constantly strain, otherwise you just can not keep balance and fall to the floor. Thus, supposedly the muscles of your press, legs and hands are constantly working, bringing your body into tonus. Manufacturers of this passive simulator assure that this is an incredibly necessary thing, both at home and at work. With its help you can save time. After all, while the chair is turned on and your muscles work, you can read, conduct telephone conversations, work at a computer, and do paper work. But, the truth, we hardly believe that sitting on this chair, you can do something useful. Hold on to this attraction. A wonderful mood when watching this fascinating and informative video.

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