Beautiful violets enchant with their beauty, video of mood.

Rosemary One of the most exquisite representatives of the genus of violets is undoubtedly the beautiful Rosemary. Its delicate, half-velvet pink petals are decorated with violet patterns and wavy edges, resemble coral reefs. The buds themselves are very lush and bright, for a single flowering violet can throw 5-6 flowers, when all buds bloom, Rosamary’s violet simply enchants the look with its beauty and splendor.
Etot sotte likes watering, so do not overdo it with watering, but for a good flowering, these flowers should be placed in bright rooms.
Bridal bouquet One of the most delicate varieties of violets, it is very much appreciated by collectors for snow-white flowers, for violets it is a rarity. This sort is not for nothing called “Bouquet of the bride”, magnificent white flowers of this violet would serve as an excellent decoration for any bride. Inflorescences of this variety resemble sprockets, blossom luxuriantly and have a slight pleasant aroma. Leaves as well as flowers have a uniform color of dark green color.

Amadeus Prievosxodny Amadeus will decorate any collection of amateur florist. Double flowers with a white center, crimson petals and a white border will not leave anyone indifferent. The leaves of Amadeus are of medium green color, so to speak, the variety is not whimsical and does not require much attention from you, but if you treat the plant with love and care, you will be rewarded with a lush blossoming enchanting Amadeus.

Magenta Krasavitsa Magenta This is a result of the painstaking work of the talented breeder E. Lebetskaya. The result, I tell you, is simply amazing. Dark maroon petals in the frame of dark green leaves look very chic. The edges of the inflorescence are framed by a barely noticeable white fringe.
A wonderful mood when watching this video of beautiful violets. Write your feedback and comments.

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