Amazing, unforgettable video, simulator of pimples.

There are some activities from which it is difficult to come off. Someone continually clicks the pen, someone knocks constantly on the table in time with the music, and someone just loves to break the pimples and the plastic bag. Extrusion of air, just bewitching and impossible to break away from such an exciting lesson. From this lesson it is simply not possible to distract yourself until all the pimples burst. However, the magic bubbles end sooner or later, which can upset the raging man. Especially for the fans of this process, one Japanese company introduced an indispensable solution. A small keychain that is able to replace several square meters of bubble wrap. When you press the plastic mold of a characteristic shape, the sound of a bursting pimple is emitted. In order not to let its owner get carried away to infinity and not fall into the state of a lop-trance, developers of trinkets have guessed to add a sound reproduction function after every hundred explosions. Otherwise, deliver the keys on which this key fob is attached, you can easily stand at the door for just a few hours, never getting inside your house and having lost a lot of time. A great view of this fascinating video.

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