A fascinating video of the umbrella for the whole body
Have you ever seen such a bizarre umbrella? We are not! If you also did not see, we show. Such an invention was created to protect your entire body from the hated rain. This umbrella has exactly the same handle as in a normal umbrella. It must also be kept in hand, but it closes you completely and completely from the rain. The design puts on you from above and stretches from the head to the feet, such a miracle, as if he was hooking you into a transparent cage and hampering your movements. However, if you met a friend on the street, being under a dome of this rather strange design, the umbrella has a hatch in the face area that can be opened and talked. If you want to buy this dubious thing, then be ready for oblique glances from passers-by and aimed at you cameras phones and smartphones. Pleasant viewing and good mood when watching this fascinating video of the umbrella for the whole body. Write your feedback and comments.

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