A fascinating video of the umbrella for the whole body
Have you ever seen such a bizarre umbrella? We are not! If you also did not see, we show. Such an invention was created to protect your entire body from the hated rain. This umbrella has exactly the same handle as in a normal umbrella. It must also be kept in hand, but it closes you completely and completely from the rain. The design puts on you from above and stretches from the head to the feet, such a miracle, as if he was hooking you into a transparent cage and hampering your movements. However, if you met a friend on the street, being under a dome of this rather strange design, the umbrella has a hatch in the face area that can be opened and talked. If you want to buy this dubious thing, then be ready for oblique glances from passers-by and aimed at you cameras phones and smartphones. Pleasant viewing and good mood when watching this fascinating video of the umbrella for the whole body. Write your feedback and comments.

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  1. How to reach in bad weather on the street without an umbrella? But the quality of the umbrella is poor. 40 years ago my mother bought an umbrella THREE elephants. I have it still lies. This is quality!!! Modern umbrellas are disposable, like socks.

  2. In General, we need the prophetic in bad weather with this umbrella will never get wet it is very compact fits in any bag or pack and it is not so expensive. The birthplace of the umbrella read China or Egypt in both countries the umbrella was a symbol of power was the first to use the umbrella, the Englishman Jonas Henvey in 1750 he took refuge from the rain.

  3. Large and beautiful dome, sturdy construction, comfortable handle, reasonable price

  4. No idea how you can do without the umbrella, in the rain and without an umbrella, and some go, but this applies mainly to men. Women always use the umbrellas. There is a huge range. I recently bought emerges from moisture drawings.

  5. How can you go out in the winter period without an umbrella? This is the most essential thing in a handbag. I think no girl will not want to get wet and to spoil the hair, so the umbrella always comes to the rescue on rainy days. I love the umbrella-cane, but they are too bulky.

  6. The umbrella is very necessary and useful thing for everyone. Unfortunately, the weather recently is not happy, mostly rains. I’d love to sit in such weather of the house, but things do not wait. So armed with an umbrella I can safely go outside, but my legs still get wet.

  7. Umbrella protects from rain and sun rays! It is resilient and he is not afraid of a gust of wind. He even fit two people. The umbrella is made of quality sturdy material! Modern, big, fancy, interesting colors! Suitable as a gift! And inexpensive.

  8. The interesting thing is the umbrella, to me personally it does not help not to get wet, but on the contrary if the rain I’m getting wet no matter with umbrella or no, and if the wind blows me along with him. But from the sun Yes, I agree it helps, I recommend the umbrella just from the sun it is comfortable.

  9. Sometimes there is such rain that no such accessory sunshade as well just not do! Even those who have your personal car, sometimes you need to reach it, and then walk to your destination and not get wet. So don’t come up with anything more substantial than an umbrella, it remains our only cover and protection from severe weather. The more that the umbrellas are doing now for every taste and budget, there are very beautiful colors. There are large umbrellas under which you will be able to hide even a couple of people, but there is a common one, and when folded, this umbrella takes up little space in the bag.

  10. Umbrella – irreplaceable thing in any family. He will save from strong sun and also from heavy rainfall, always take it with you because the weather can go bad at any time, and it does not take a lot, maybe even 2 persons under a to put!

  11. Umbrella will save you in any situation: let it rain or Sunny day when the sun is very picket. The umbrellas are different, as the smaller ones for children and large for adults. Different colors-for every taste! Take it always, because the weather can deteriorate at any moment!

  12. Probably the best has already been invented that save us from rain and sun. Umbrella is the most versatile tool in the rain. Umbrellas for every taste and shapes of umbrellas are also different, and about the colors, I’m not saying what you want for every taste. I especially love schludnie in the bag fit perfectly and are always with you.

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